Sales and Leasing

The Residential Market

What we offer:

  • A highly professional and robust team
  • We are proactive in the Real Estate Market in Myanmar
  • We communicate thoroughly with landlords and tenants
  • We listen to your needs and try our best to match them
  • We are tenant orientated to find you the best deal
  • We are experts in the local areas
  • We are always happy to give references to our previous work

The Commerical Market

We want our clients to have the highest quality properties and services available in Yangon. We pride ourselves on offering the best value for money properties on the market.

If you are like minded and have your clients best interests at heart, with high quality properties we can work together. We will take care of our clients’ needs. Whilst also ensuring that our clients’ uphold and respect the property.

We are offering the best contracts on the market, to ensure that clients’ and landlords can rest easy with a clear understanding of rules and guidelines.

What we offer:

  • We have the relationships and knowledge to help you succeed
  • We have a vast database of prospects
  • We are quick to act and our results speak for themselves
  • We have patience, perseverance, and determination to close a deal
  • We sell with purpose and integrity
  • We are excellent communicators
  • We are committed to our clients


We offer a relaxed and easy approach to finding the right property for you. Our process is simple. Use our easy to navigate website to specify your needs and find your dream home or office.

You can always give us an email or phone call to give us your requirements and we will do the hard work for you! It’s as easy as that.

What we offer:

  • We offer 1 year support for your tenancy! If you need help ordering water to the property, or installing internet and television. It’s not a problem!
  • We are on your side! We aim to match your needs and get you the best possible deal.
  • We are adaptable, if your needs change or requirements then so do we!
  • We will handle all communications with the landlord
  • If you are new to the country we will give you all the essential information


Are you tired of leaving your property empty with no tenants? Do you want advice on how to make the property rentable? If you are looking to sell or rent out your property we will match you with the best and most suitable clients in the country.

To put it simply, we will help manage your property and ensure you are making money with foreign tenants who will respect the property.

What we offer:

  • Property management
  • Conduct viewings for the property
  • Take professional photos and advertise
  • Handle all negotiations
  • Add value to your home
  • Market and advertise your property
  • Run checks to ensure the buyer or tenants are serious
  • The best contracts in the country to protect both buyer and seller
  • Keep things moving, you wont have to wait months for a deal to be made, we will ensure that everything runs smooth and swift