Growing Economy

Economic growth is set to exceed 6.6 percent by 2020/21. This will be due to the implementation of government policy measures regarding foreign and domestic investments.

Stable Environment

Under the Foreign Investment Law and the Commercial Companies Law, the country has made it coherent regarding the investment vehicles possible for investment.

Low Taxes

Myanmar tax policy provides foreign companies with tax relief during the start of commerical operations in the country. Tax exemption for seven years for businesses in the Free Zone and five years in the promotional zone.

Strategic Location

Through constant market research we have determined the upcoming areas in Yangon poised to see the greatest amount of investment over the next five years.


Business-Friendly Environment

Ease of doing business in Myanmar according to averaged 170.83 from 2014 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 177 in 2014.

However in 2019 it has hit a record low of 165 in 2019. Meaning that investment in Myanmar to ripe. Business conditions for investment has never been better. With expected growth in foreign investment boosting GDP.

Lifetime Investment Planning

We can help you and advise you on market entry into Myanmar. If you are looking for recommendations as to which investment vehicles best suite your financial action plan.

We will..

  • Examine your current financial situation
  • Develop priorities and goals
  • Complete analysis on market entry obstacles
  • Distinguish risk tolerance
  • Provide recommendations
  • Implement your financial action plan
  • Review & periodically update