Client Management

What is Client Management

Client Management 

P.I.Y – Properties in Yangons’ Client Management team will bring a vast amount of knowledge, relationships, experience and value to your real estate property. We ensure the highest quality in terms of KPI’s and client satisfaction. 

Building relationships between client and company is vital for the success of a project, why allow yourself to fall at the last hurdle?   

What your project is missing 

Since establishing in Yangon, Myanmar P.I.Y has noticed a fundamental barrier between companies, and foreign engagement, the lack of communication and understanding. To create customer loyalty and long-term engagement, relationship building is the key. Many experts claim that increasing your customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits between by over 25%. 

Customer experience can make or break a business. 

With the rise of several condominium structures in Yangon, customers have more option than ever before. It is important to meet the customers’ expectations or they’ll simply go to a competitor. 

When handing customers correctly it can lead to an increase in client retention rates, drive customer loyalty and generate sales. Over time, it may lead to higher revenue and greater brand awareness. 

A client management will be to improve the customer experience and strengthen the relationship between your business and customers. They should be involved in a diverse range of practices from social media marketing and customer service to market analysis.  

Being engaged in day-to-day communications with customers; answering their questions, managing conflicts and collecting feedback.  

How we can help 

P.I.Y will take responsibility for all aspects of the working relationship between clients and company.  Delivering high levels of transparency, communication and alignment with core members of staff. 

We will be engaged in relationship marketing to bolster the core sales strategy. Doing so correctly will create brand loyalty and word and mouth referrals. Did you know most clients will refuse to consider a condominium if a friend has had a bad experience? 

We will help build the brand reputation and trust between the customer and the company. 

We will… 

  • Manage all customer’s concerns in a prompt and a timely manner 
  • We will collect data on customers experience 
  • Manage all challenging situations that may affect the customer 
  • Identify the customers’ needs and wants 
  • Build long-term relationships with key clients 
  • Collaborate with the internal teams 
  • Assist customers with their purchasing decisions 
  • Travel locally and nationally to meet potential and existing clients. 
  • Stay on top of the latest industry trends. 
  • Negotiate with vendors to get better deals for customers. 
  • Carry out customer satisfaction surveys. 
  • Write and submit status reports on Key Performance Indicators 

Get Quality feedback 

We will build strong relationships with your clients, with plenty of opportunities to gather honest and insightful feedback. From that feedback we can evolve the services and address the concerns of the customers, making the business more profitable in the long term and maintaining customer satisifaction.

Create Word of Mouth Advertising 

People trust the opinions of their friends and family more than paid advertising, thus it is important to build a strong relationship that produces happy clients, who bring in new business through personalo referrals.

Provide Online reviews 

We will delight your clients at every opportunity whilst cultivating long-term relationships with them. In turn will result in glowing reviews online. Which will also help you attract new business. 

By establishing trust, setting clear expectations, delivering promises, and practicing good communication. This will deliver client retention and help deliver new business.

You’ll receive Quarterly Status Report Updates 

A status report keeps everyone on the same page and tells a client where your time is being spent, what your priorities are for them, and what’s coming up. Again –it’s all about making life easier for your client while you deliver your services. 

We will provide quarterly status reports to ensure everyone is on the same page, also clearly showing what our time has been spent doing, what we believe should be a priority and what we have planned for the business. Our job is to make selling and leasing the condominium easier whilst ensuring the customers experience is of the highest international standards. 

 In the quarterly reports, we will provide you information with what we are working on, how it is progressing and any factors stalling the progress. KPI’s and specific requirements can be discussed. 

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